Recent Work

In the next two paragraphs, there will be lots of information about my work. You can consider this to be the so-called “About Me” section. Here, I will describe the most recent events which I attended as a professional photographer. As you will have the chance to see for yourself, I am hired for a wide variety of occasions such as birthdays, family celebrations, anniversaries and more. I am not trying to be cocky or anything, but I believe I am the most popular aerial photographer in my area (I’ve also mentioned this on the homepage). So with that in mind, let me guide you through some of my recent work in order to give you a clearer picture of what can you expect from my photography services.

25th Wedding Anniversary The Connor Family

On 17th January I had a blast at the Connors. They are a wonderful middle-aged couple with 3 beautiful daughters. On their 25th wedding anniversary they’ve arranged quite the party. I didn’t know older people can enjoy themselves that much. But, this was no ordinary wedding anniversary. They have also held a second wedding during which they renewed their marriage. It was a beautiful ceremony with around 50 attendees. I spend more than half of it just taking pictures. At the end of the ceremony, I took a great shot with my drone, and needless to say, for me that was the pinnacle of the entire day.

Wedding The Westland Family

Another awesome party was held in Fort Collins, Colorado. There, I had the pleasure of being a photographer for a wonderful wedding. The bride, as beautiful as ever, Connie, and her beloved Martin had a proper blast. They’ve held their wedding on a beautiful rural estate hosting around 100 guests. It was not a huge wedding, far from that, but that’s probably the biggest reason why the atmosphere was so engaging. Everyone knew everyone and people were dancing most of the time, exchanging their dance partners like it was nothing. Truth be told, I got carried away a bit later on. Started indulging in conversations with complete strangers, almost to the point of forgetting what and when I need to record. Luckily, I managed to capture a brilliant aerial photo of the band. Believe it or not, everyone loved it!