Some info about my blogs

Hello dear readers and welcome to the blog section of my official website. First of all, keep in mind that I will probably not be that active here. You can expect most of my posts being on either the Home or Recent Work section. With that being said, I would also like to give you some general info about the types of blog posts I plan on writing if I ever decide to be more active here (read – if I ever have more free time). So let’s start with that:

Don’t expect any personal things “Dear diary” things since I am really against with sharing my personal info on my website. It is enough for you to know my first and last name, but any more of that is out of boundaries for me. In other words, there will be no boyfriend drama, family time stories and stuff like that. Nope! I’ll try to keep most of my blog posts job related, at least to some extent. With that being said, I would like to brag a bit and give you some insights: I already have 2 blog posts written and I will post them down below this bunch of text asap. One of them is related to my new business drone (it’s amazing, I love it more than anything) while the other one is just me giving you more behind the scenes info on what it’s like to be a professional photographer.

And that’s about it, guys. This is pretty much everything I wanted to share with you on my blog page. As I already said earlier, do not expect a lot of content here since I really doubt that I will free time to write such nonsense. With a lot of work that I’ve been enjoying for the last couple of months, I barely find time for my friends… Having my own blog in addition to all of that would just be too much for me to handle.